I.W.C.R Breeders

These are the breeders that have registered their affix with us for 2023.

Valkyrie Wolfalikes
United Kingdom, Scotland, Cairngorms

Breeds: Wolfalikes, Northern Inuit Dogs.

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Honiahaka Northern Inuits, Wolfalikes and Wolfdogs
United Kingdom, Essex

Breeds: Wolfalikes, Northern Inuit Dogs.

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Silver Paw Wolfalikes
United Kingdom, South Derbyshire

Breed: Northern Inuit Dogs.

Shadow Of The Wolf
Sweden, Värmland

Breeds: Northern Inuit Dogs, Tamaskan Dogs

Flashheart Wolfalikes
United Kingdom, Scotland

Breeds: Wolfalikes, Northern Inuit Dogs.

Moonsong Wolfalikes
United Kingdom, Lincolnshire

Breeds: Wolfalikes, Northern Inuit Dogs.